Our entire production process takes place in-house. That way, not only can we guarantee meticulous quality control at every stage, we can also specialise in flexible, customised solutions.

Together, our extrusion, confection and printing departments offer the full package.


Extrusion blow moulding is a continual production process that entails heating PE granules in a cylinder with a revolving screw until they melt. The screw compresses the melted granules as they are pushed through an extrusion slit. The extrusion head then creates the desired shape: a tube with a very thin wall extends from the head of the extruder. In turn, air is pumped into it and that produces an enormous plastic balloon. As soon as the balloon has cooled down, the film is wrapped around it and cut open if necessary.


Co-extrusion means multiple extruders are connected to the nozzle. Finally, the heated and melted plastic granules from the different extruders are pressed through a single extrusion head. This produces a film that consists of different layers.


  1. Colour combinations, with the colour on the outside being different to the colour on the inside.
  2. Specific surface characteristics, such as a smooth inner layer and a rough outer layer.
  3. The option of using special raw materials for the middle layer.
  4. The option of using superior quality granulates for the middle layer to achieve excellent mechanical attributes. This enables downgauging for example, which involves producing a thinner film that retains its strength.


Hobon makes customised bags and sheets and offers an exceptionally wide range, from small bags to large covers. 


Hobon has a flexo printing department where bags, FFS films and heavy duty tubular FFS films are printed offline in a maximum of six colours.

We carry out the printing ourselves. The options vary from line printing on heavy bagged goods to bags with side folds.

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