The environment

Hobon is committed to corporate social responsibility. Respect for the environment is of great importance in that respect. After all, as a production company, we contribute to the mountain of waste. We want to produce as little waste as possible out of respect for our environment.

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Selection of suppliers

When selecting suppliers, Hobon takes their vision of sustainability and their environmental policies into account. The entire chain between suppliers and clients is of importance to limit the environmental footprint as far as possible.


We develop projects in collaboration with clients to make their films thinner, or to use other types of raw materials. That is how we help reduce the final mountain of waste.

Sustainable production

For a number of years, Hobon has invested in newer, energy-efficient equipment.

In addition, we have established special projects to reduce waste generated during the production process as far as possible. Lean production serves an economic as well as an environmental interest.

Re-use of internal waste

We recycle production waste so that we can use it again. For example, we convert waste into a raw material to use for specific designated production processes in accordance with the law.

High quality products

Hobon safeguards the maximum quality of its products. In addition to client satisfaction, this also results in reduced loss and thus waste, because products can be processed to the maximum.