Innovation is important, so we always try to be a pioneer that offers a comprehensive product range in line with the latest trends. The result is a diverse array of sustainable products that are developed by Hobon from start to finish.

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Materials: LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, Metallocene
Applications: livestock feed, fertilisers, powders, sand, grain, dust extraction, etc.

Printing is always an option.
These bags can be produced with or without a side fold.

  • Tear-off bags on a roll

  • Boxed corner bags, separate or tear-off bags on a roll

  • Block bags

    The ideal solution for plastic bakery bags or sheets.

    1. Tear-off
    2. With a hole for hanging
  • Easy-opening bags

  • Paper-like bags

Sheets (LDPE/HDPE)

PE sheets can be used for numerous products and sectors.

A few examples:

  • Cover sheets for food (meat, fish and deep-frozen sector)
  • Top sheets for covering pallets
  • Paper-look sheets to replace wax paper for the butter and fat industry, amongst others. These sheets have an excellent moisture barrier and the characteristic dead-fold provides quality that is equivalent to wax paper.


  •  Separate, or on industrial rolls with perforated tear line
  •  Micro and macro perforations (3, 5 and 10 mm)
  •  Printed or unprinted


  • Tubular film

    Tubular film in various PE combinations and dimensions for automated packaging lines. Flat tubular film or tubular film with side folds.


    • FFS tubular film for packaging machines for livestock feed, grain, sand, fertilisers, etc.
    • FFS tubular film with side folds for automated shrinkwrap installations
  • Bag-in-box

    Tubular film with side folds in various dimensions and PE combinations for the processing of bagged goods on automated bag-in-box lines.

    These tubular films meet exceptionally high technical criteria thanks to the fully automated character of this boxing and filling machine.

    We customise your PE solutions so you can work efficiently with less waste.

    We make your existing packaging thinner, whilst retaining maximum transparency and the required quality for your production process.

    Successful application in sectors in which bagging is important, such as the chemicals sector, the food industry, and the construction industry.

    Hobon LDPE/HDPE formulas guarantee the best result for the automated filling of your products, with bag-in-box being the most current application.

  • Films for automated applications

    Flat or pleated FFS film in various PE combinations and dimensions for use in fully automated packing lines.

    Applications: textiles, carpets, post bags, deep-freeze packaging, cover sheets, etc.

  • Shrinkwrap

    Mono or biaxial flat or pleated shrinkwrap for shrink tunnels.

  • Sleeves

    Very well suited to fully automated or semi-automated filling of your product.

    Flat or with side folds.

    Available in LDPE and HDPE.

  • Paper-like sleeves for automated applications

Shrinkwrap covers (LDPE)

Application: separate or tear-off rolls.

Protect your pallets with shrink pallet covers for optimal stability and moisture-resistance. The covers are applied with a manual shrinkwrap machine, gas, or via a shrink tunnel.

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